Hey, I’m Nick.

I’m a Computer Science major at the University of Utah. When I’m not programming, you can find me at my desk creating motion graphics.
In early 2017 I decided to combine my passions for programming and design and see just how far I could push expressions in After Effects. My idea was to create powerful, expressions-driven adaptive Motion Graphics in After Effects that could do incredible things directly inside Premiere Pro.
Over the past 18 months, I’ve used expressions in After Effects to create some very powerful and adaptable Motion Graphic Templates. I’ve been able to design features like dynamic adjustable timing, timing guides, auto-alignment, and of course, automatic self-resizing text and elements.
Drag them into Premiere and they simply work! Instant production quality with quality titles, banners, transitions and social media elements!
Please check them out and feel free to message me with any questions, feedback, or if you would like to discuss a custom project.

Don’t mistake these for typical templates.

These are powerful tools that allow you to easily create your own looks and message.

Each of these individual MOGRTS (Motion graphic templates)  were build to be customized. They are built not to break, and to be flexible, so you can make your own unique looks in no time!


Our templates were built to perform. Rest assured that even with our extended arsenal of features, render speeds beat the competition!


These templates were built to be bulletproof. Try as you may, they will not break. Reliable Premiere templates are no commodity.